About Us

Drones are increasingly being used as a cost effective means for inspections and surveys. Additionally, to enhance any visual production with aerial images and handy for super smooth, low level tracking shots or for an exciting reveal or flyover from low to high. The sky really is the limit. 

Broadscope Visual specialise in helping our clients get an advantage from above, such as with roofing inspections for insurance claims as well as other types of survey.


We also assist in boosting a visual promotions with unusual and exciting perspectives for a breathtaking effect with drone photography and video.  

We are based in North London and are available for hire all over the UK and onto the Continent as well. We carry 4K UHD drones and are fully insured and certified by the CAA.

Our rates cover both hire of the drone and the operator, as well as insurance and planning costs. 


Whatever your 'sky high' vision get in touch and our friendly professional team will make it a reality.