Our Services

Aerial Photography

High angle, high resolution photographs for promotional, inspections and surveying purposes. 

Aerial Video

Bring an extra layer of excitement to your productions by shooting stunning 4k from above. 

We also offer video inspections and surveys. 


Prior to the take off date we take care of all the planning and permissions. Giving you peace of mind that the shoot is done safely and legally. 

Legal Considerations

In order to maintain safe operation we follow recommended rules set by the CAA listed below. 

We maintain a distance of 50m from buildings people or vehicles not under our control and can fly as close as safely possible to those under our safety brief. 

For crowds we can get as close as 50m as long as it is under 1000 people. Once it's over this we stay 150m away. 

Spacing and Crowds


It is safe to fly our drones in winds of up to 20mph but we cannot fly in rain or thick fog. 

Any cancellations due to the weather will be rebooked free of charge at the next most suitable date. 

Max. Distance and Height

The recommended maximum distance from the operator is 500m and the maximum height is 120m. 

Night flights

We offer night flight services. A daytime scout mission is required.